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Day Whatever @ RC

What am I doing?
I'm waiting for git to finish cloning Mozilla's Bedrock repo.


Day 11 (or 8) @ RC

This post was originally labelled "Where am I".
I'm not entirely sure whether I should count Monday to Fridays, or weekends too - weekends too I guess, since Fridays themselves aren't even techically normal work days.

Day 11 it is then.


Day 3 @ RC
Day 2 @ RC

My Computer

Su helped me fix my Windows partition!! Holy smokes! She is a magician!! ❤️
I should definitely have been able to do it myself - we just reset the whole thing. But it was fun to not have Windows for a while and just live that way. Because whatever.

Also, my poor boring new computer has some new digs - Stanley was sharing some of his long-collected stickers!


RC: Day -2

Today is the day before the day before I will begin a series of days at the Recurse Center. I have two reasons for writing this — One, they suggest keeping a blog to track your learning etc., but even before that, I read a few blogs from people who went to RC and did just that, like Julia Evans. It was really cool to see what they were doing, and I kindof want a place to organize my thoughts.


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