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I love bixi but -!

BIXI is Montréal's beloved bike sharing system, and I'd like to ask your help, dear readers, in getting their attention.

You see, a few years ago, they added a feature - after you borrow a bike and return it, you can see how many kilometres you traveled, and an estimate of how many calories you burned. I love seeing how many kilometres I biked. I like knowing the distance between spots, and feeling strong that I'm capable of biking so far! But I hate seeing a calorie count. In fact, I hate just seeing the word "calorie".


Random thoughts

There is a super cool thing a friend of mine did, which I wish to emulate: have an adorable page of random thoughts. It seems super low pressure, fun as a reader to get a glimpse into someone else's head, and fun as a creator to just collect a mish-mash of glorious tidbits.

The original implementation doesn't involve any manual git-anythings, and makes a nice separate page for these random thoughts. However, I (apparently) am never going to get around to doing that, so a blog post that I update with the thoughts seems good enough. It will be weird, but I am fine with that. 😄


Choosing an Outreachy project

So, this post was drafted years (no, literally years) ago when I was applying to Outreachy, and it just stayed a draft forever because I guess I thought there was more to it. It turns out, there wasn't, because if there was, it would be there. Ha! I still think it's interesting though, and I want it out of my "untracked files" when I run git status*, so here it comes, in all its overdue glory. 😉


im not a programmer

Why I don't feel like a programmer:

I use a mac at work

Real programmers don't like Apple.
Real programmers embrace all the manual dirty work they have to do configuring and trouble shooting basic functions on this or that linux distro.
I just want shit to work.

I use package managers

Mac has homebrew.
At home on Fedora, I just use the software manager GUI. If I want something not through it, I have to look up instructions. I don't even know what my package manager is.


Should I stay or should I go now

: Wherein I discuss the weirdness of half ppl being like "GTFO L8ER !*#$&S", and the other half like "wut where u goin jus chill out"

I am struck by a strange dichotomy of phenomenons that I find in tech job mentalities.

One goes a little like this:

You've been there 9 months and you're not looking for a new job?! Why not?!

While the contrary goes like:

Yeah, this place is good. I can seek out what I need within my company and I am well supported here.

Perhaps you identify with one or the other mentality. Certainly I found myself happily settling into my workplace, grateful for the autonomy and influence I was given, grateful for the people I worked with, grateful for interesting challenges without undue pressure and unachievable deadlines.


I applied to Outreachy, and I didn't use my name

It's all in the title. I formally submitted my application to participate in the wonderful Outreachy today. If you haven't heard of it, Outreachy is an amazing internship opportunity to be a (paid!) contributor to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) for underrepresented groups in tech (more details here). For Outreachy, this means:

  • women: cis and trans

Things that seem like they happen in jobs but never in job interviews

Maybe it's just because I've been setting up wackloads of dev environments and picking projects, but this whole Prepping for Outreachy business is making me think that there's a lot more to jobs than all these job interviews involving little code challenges get at.


Day Whatever @ RC

What am I doing?
I'm waiting for git to finish cloning Mozilla's Bedrock repo.


Day 11 (or 8) @ RC

This post was originally labelled "Where am I".
I'm not entirely sure whether I should count Monday to Fridays, or weekends too - weekends too I guess, since Fridays themselves aren't even techically normal work days.

Day 11 it is then.


Day 3 @ RC
Day 2 @ RC

My Computer

Su helped me fix my Windows partition!! Holy smokes! She is a magician!! ❤️
I should definitely have been able to do it myself - we just reset the whole thing. But it was fun to not have Windows for a while and just live that way. Because whatever.

Also, my poor boring new computer has some new digs - Stanley was sharing some of his long-collected stickers!


If GULP were a person…

Ze* would be pretty amazing. I don’t know zir* very well yet, but ze* sure seems to have a lot of people who like zir. Granted, there are also a fair few who are not afraid to speak out against gulp — but that’s hardly unusual when someone wonderful shows up on the scene.

Gulp was a little hard to follow at first. Ze uses all this language that, like everyone in the field, is a little perplexing until you’re used to it. I suppose you would call that jargon.


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