My Computer

Su helped me fix my Windows partition!! Holy smokes! She is a magician!! ❤️
I should definitely have been able to do it myself - we just reset the whole thing. But it was fun to not have Windows for a while and just live that way. Because whatever.

Also, my poor boring new computer has some new digs - Stanley was sharing some of his long-collected stickers! So I have the git logo, the github octocat, and a fancy octocat from their culturally diverse collection. Wow I should totally not be writing this o.o .

Nand to tetris

I started reading the associated book and it really kind of stinks. It's hard. It's super not fun. I have no idea what they're saying.
Then I was accidentally sitting in a checkin room and Michelle came in so I told her what was up and she told me to find a logic gate sandbox online and mess around. So I read this and used my brain and played here and it's much more fun and more satisfying.


Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. They have all these suggestions of what I can eat that is cheap and veg. I love it. It's amazing.

I helped a person do a thing!

I was totally just a rubber duck. The problem was totally something I do all the time. It was having an incorrect file path. Love it.

Stuff that was interesting that I wasn't actually involved in

Listening to James help Veronica set up her dev environment.

To Do:

  • build a tool that automatically RSVPs me to every event on Zulip, adds it to my google calendar, and then tells me I'm going
  • build my tesselating youtube video text-in-image processing tool
  • write hand pricking web app using unhosted