Today is the day before the day before I will begin a series of days at the Recurse Center. I have two reasons for writing this — One, they suggest keeping a blog to track your learning etc., but even before that, I read a few blogs from people who went to RC and did just that, like Julia Evans. It was really cool to see what they were doing, and I kindof want a place to organize my thoughts.

I was looking at some job postings and a surprising number of them mentioned ‘Scala’. I don’t even know what category of language Scala is. Also, a lot of them were data science or machine learning based; or maybe it just seems disproportionately that way because they are “off-limits” to me. I would love to dive into some of that stuff, machine learning and AI in particular, but I don’t see 3 months being quite sufficient to really get very far.

To Do:

  • look at Scala
  • forget about whether learning X will help me get a job
  • put up No-Frills API so I can start on Nand-to-Tetris on Monday

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