This post was originally labelled "Where am I".
I'm not entirely sure whether I should count Monday to Fridays, or weekends too - weekends too I guess, since Fridays themselves aren't even techically normal work days.

Day 11 it is then.
Here's some things I have been doing:

  • socializing
  • helping people debug
  • getting help debugging
  • pairing to solve little puzzles
  • eating
  • walking
  • reading Zulip (internal chat system)
  • solving Nand to Tetris projects
  • jumping around spastically from project to project

So there's the good and the bad. What did I come here to do? What kinds of things do I want to learn, do, practise, or improve at?


  • low level comprehension from hardware to OSes
  • using debugging tools for Javascript
  • knowledge of algorithms, big O complexity, data structures


  • reading other people's code and knowing what's going on
  • giving and taking programming instructions verbally
  • being confident in my abilities

My big project is to build an interactive-web-app-guide-follow-along that assists other people who want to work through the Nand to Tetris course and/or accompanying book, The elements of Computing Systems. I have been extremely lucky to have a group of people here with whom I can talk about and solve problems, but if I hadn't, I highly doubt that I would have stuck with it. I am also aware of many others who wish they could be/have been part of such a group, and David Branner in particular suggested that a guide would be wonderful. James suggested putting it in interactive web app form, which was perfect timing because I just watched an awesome animated explanation of the javascript event loop in browsers.

I am holing myself away in a room in an attempt to focus better. Result: focusing excellently on writing this blog post. Nice try. -_-