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Choosing an Outreachy project

So, this post was drafted years (no, literally years) ago when I was applying to Outreachy, and it just stayed a draft forever because I guess I thought there was more to it. It turns out, there wasn't, because if there was, it would be there. Ha! I still think it's interesting though, and I want it out of my "untracked files" when I run git status*, so here it comes, in all its overdue glory. 😉


Adventures with Mozilla Con't

"Con't" is how I used to abbreviate "continued" when I took notes in HS/uni. The good old days. I could never use my laptop even in university (ie when I had one) to take notes in class because the instant I would get even remotely disinterested, I would be totally gone and only tune back in to be hella confused. Dis bad.

Anyway, since deciding that continuing to explore & contribute to Mozilla would be better than trying to (frantically, because that's apparently the only way) apply for other jobs, I have found myself much happier.

Today I set up Docker!


I applied to Outreachy, and I didn't use my name

It's all in the title. I formally submitted my application to participate in the wonderful Outreachy today. If you haven't heard of it, Outreachy is an amazing internship opportunity to be a (paid!) contributor to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) for underrepresented groups in tech (more details here). For Outreachy, this means:

  • women: cis and trans

Things that seem like they happen in jobs but never in job interviews

Maybe it's just because I've been setting up wackloads of dev environments and picking projects, but this whole Prepping for Outreachy business is making me think that there's a lot more to jobs than all these job interviews involving little code challenges get at.


Day Whatever @ RC

What am I doing?
I'm waiting for git to finish cloning Mozilla's Bedrock repo.


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