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How to control spotify from the command line

Holy buhjeebus the amount of steps. I just want to listen to business casual. Ya know... Let's keep it business. Let's keep it casual. Let's keep

So! Here comes, how to listen to spotify from the terminal in fedora. YMMV (Your mileage may vary).


Xianny's awesome Jekyll post generator

Oops, note to self - need to strip special characters such as apostrophes from file names. (Guess how I came up with that one..[1]).

Having got all this Jekyll stuff finally up and running, I was dying from manually formatting all of my posts and their titles. Seriously, typing out the whole date for every post's file name?! Terrible. Also, srsly, what kind of programmer am I if I keep doing something manually. What is even the point.

Unfortunately, shell scripting is not my forte.


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