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How to control spotify from the command line

Holy buhjeebus the amount of steps. I just want to listen to business casual. Ya know... Let's keep it business. Let's keep it casual. Let's keep

So! Here comes, how to listen to spotify from the terminal in fedora. YMMV (Your mileage may vary).


How to use Heroku Scheduler with Node.js

While there are multiple tutorials out there on using the Heroku Scheduling add-on with Node.js, they all seem to suggest the same strange series of steps.


How to use Sails.js with Pug

You may know by now that I like to make tutorials for things with dismal search results, and this is no different. The search results when I queried for the title of this post included the following:

pugs on sailboats. not the sails or pugs I wanted.

Yeah. Not exactly what I was looking for.


How to publish an Vue.js directive to npm

Wow, so I’m always amazed when something I want to know how to do doesn’t stare right back at me in the top 5 Google results. I’m sure you can guess why I am writing this article today (hint: check the title), but be assured that I have previously been unsuccessful in my mission to publish my Vue.js directive to npm. Please join me for a thrilling recount of my journey to enlightenment.


How to make a reusable “directive” in Vue.js

I like Vue.js. A lot. (See my comparison with React.js here.) It is a beautifully simple, straightforward, and superbly functional view-layer framework. I’ve gone over most of the docs multiple times, and I am absolutely enamoured with the clarity they exude. They don’t use stupidly obscure words or send you around in circles trying to find what you want. They make you and Vue Just Work.

However, I had a weak spot — the “Custom Directives” page.


How to auto-scroll to the bottom of a div

This article is just going to be a little nublet of an article. Or a nugget. Whatever.


How to make an interactive map in React

I am going to share with you a great and magnificent secret: the stages of creating a clickable svg map in a React project. Are you ready? You might want to take notes, because it is super mind-blowing.

Wait, first here’s the map, being clicked on (ooh, ahh):

clickable map being clicked


Getting started with React and Webpack

I recently wrote about the wonders of gulp. Ironically, as soon as it was published, I ditched gulp for webpack. Actually that’s not quite true — I first tried to incorporate browserify into gulp. I knew I needed some sort of packaging system in order to use JSX and React, and of these two most popular, browserify and webpack, webpack was touted to be a real mind-bender to set up. Everywhere I looked suggested that people who weren’t terribly experienced with other module-requiring systems like CommonJS should probably use browserify. So I got to work setting it up, only to realize that webpack would pay off in the long run.


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