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Learning les chiffres en français

Oh, Miss hboo:

Many years I have waited
For a gift like yours to appear
Why, I predict this project
Could make you a first rate! francophone
My dear, my dear!
I'll write at once to blog readers
Tell them of it in advance
With a tool like this, dear there is
A definish chance
If you work as you should
You'll be making ...goooooooooood 😍

Did that really just happen?
Have I actually understood?
This problem I've tried
To ignore or hide
Is a talent! that can be
Help me use French numbers!
If I work good.
So I'll work good...


I definitely ripped that off big time from Wicked the musical. And my changes aren't particularly clever, which is fine, because the goal here is:


And not: "Be good at writing song lyrics." We can work on that another day maybe. 😂



Here's another glorious tidbit from the past, which is actually really exciting because it demonstrates to me that my grasp of French has, in fact, improved in the last few years! 😂


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