Here's another glorious tidbit from the past, which is actually really exciting because it demonstrates to me that my grasp of French has, in fact, improved in the last few years! 😂 *

*: Some chat clients (slack, signal? discord, zulip) convert certain terms between colons(:) into emojis! 😂 becomes the crying laughing face, 😭 the crying crying face, :lever_les_yeux_au_ciel: the rolling eyes face when you have slack configured to be in French. (My Francophone colleagues especially find it strange and bemusing that I use slack in French - nobody else does, and it leads me to find weird bugs and develop strange habits like referring to "@ici" instead of "@here". But how else will I learn to say "roll your eyes", if not by searching for the emoji in French?!)

Anyway, here's the little stub of a post that doesn't actually explain anything. Apparently I thought a glossary would be useful, which is cute, but like, a lot of maintenance. So, not gonna happen. 😄

8 MAR 2017

Voici une collection des termes que je pense que soient nEcessaires ou utiles pour comprendre mes postes. J'espEre que cette vous aide. [Why is this in French?]

Term Word Class Meaning Notes
IRC f f f
RC c s g

C'est bon #

The preamble to this glossary is in French because I felt like it. It hopefully translates to "Here is a collection of terms that I think are necessary or useful for understanding my posts. I hope it helps." I like other languages and hope you do too.

Back to the present:

So, that was cute, I hope you agree. The capitalized Es in the French part are my shorthand for when I know I need an accent but I'll insert it later. It's adorable to read because now I am amazed that I constructed those sentences and thought they were correct. It's still understandable though I'm pretty sure! I might write a bit more in French in the future; in fact, hopefully a post will come soon to elaborate on a desire that I have to expand the breadth of this blog outside of code. Stay tuned les amis ! 😉

In other notes, I guess the random letters in the columns were placeholders while I figured out how to do tables? And also the "Why is this in French?" link is cool, except it links to like 2 lines down, so if you click the link you can't tell it actually did anything, which is less than ideal. ><