I tried to start writing another post but vim is back to its old habits of appearing to insert weeeeeiiiiiird characters as I type.

weird stuff happening here. boxes with 0s and 1s and Bs, and qs and 6s.

It does this from time to time...I must have messed with some config somewhere. Anyway, PLZ HALP, AM NEED HALP.

I believe it has to do with the character encoding or colours for my shell or something. I am also suspicious that it might have happened when I uninstalled jedi-vim.

It's funny because the other day I was typing and I hardly noticed the weird visual corruption, which made me think of when Rose at RC said having a Linux system hasn't led to an improvement in her ability to solve problems with the OS; instead, her tolerance for living with things being screwed up has increased. I think that is definitely sometimes true. I will go through phases of tolerating-to-the-point-of-not-noticing glaring flaws in my setup, and then desparately trying to fix whatever it is. This has included:

  • when I broke my Windows partition
  • my computer freezing when plugged into an external display
  • the mouse being clicked randomly all over the screen whenever the laptop lid was closed
  • so many things with vim
  • I don't even know

It's an interesting life. I like the challenges that come along with using Linux. Without them, there are 1001 things I would never have learned. Maybe closer to 1,000,001 things.