When I searched this, I found a lot of mentions of Laravel and PHP. Whaat? What is this Laravel? And I certainly don’t want to start getting involved with PHP. Surely there is a simpler explanation for this!

Well, now there is! Right here. On your very own screen.

“Route protection” is a term referring to the idea that not all users should be able to access all parts of your app. These parts of your app are (theoretically) accessible at various routes or URLs. For example, perhaps users who are not logged in should be denied access to somewebsite.com/fancystuffyouhadtopayfor. Therefore, you may wish to either use a service/plugin, or add some simple logic to your app to "protect" any private or restricted routes.

I was so confuseded when someone said I should use "route protection"; I guess it's just one of those things that are so obvious to the people who know it that they don't see it as worth explaining.

Also, I started writing this post many months ago. I should have just finished it when I started it! Anyway, here it is now. I hope it helps.